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Raised in Rensselaer County across the Hudson River from Albany, New York’s capital, Anne has made San Francisco home since 1972.  Anne and her husband Jim retired young to travel as much of the world as they could on their bikes, cycling twenty-one countries and pedaling more than 40,000 loaded miles to date. Her first book, Part-Time Nomads, Traveling the World by Bicycle, was released September 27, 2023.  Since writing about her international travels, Anne has been interviewed and reviewed in local and national press and podcasts that you can open and view in links on Media page.

The last ten years has found Anne returning to one of her earliest passions, fine-art screen printing, she now shows and sells her artwork in various shops and galleries in San Francisco.

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PART-TIME NOMADS, Traveling the World by Bicycle

“A delightful account of a marriage transformed into an extraordinary long-distance cycling partnership.

A memoir chronicling a couple’s devotion to long-distance bicycle touring on a global scale.

In 1997, California couple Anne Breedlove and Jim Eldredge were looking for something special to do for their 20th wedding anniversary when Anne came across an advertisement for self-guided cycling tours in southwestern France. Having spent their honeymoon in Europe, the couple decided to return to their beloved France. This time, they’d be riding on two wheels in the beautiful rural Dordogne region.”

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PART-TIME NOMADS, Traveling the world by Bicycle

“Compiled from entertaining anecdotes and personal photographs, Breedlove’s debut recounts her transformation from a recreational cyclist to world bicycler with her husband Jim. The couple’s interest was initially sparked from an advertisement in Bicycling magazine for self-guided tours in France and exploded from there: before long, the middle-aged parents had traveled through three countries and seven states, including New Zealand and France, over the course of 10 years. That transformative journey brought out the best and the worst in the pair, starkly highlighting their differences (Breedlove describes herself as a “noisy, busy, pushy extrovert” who plans every detail, while the more introverted Jim prefers to go with the flow) and uniting them as international travelers.”

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