Writer, World Bicycle Traveler, Historian, Fine-Art Printmaker

Retiring early in 2008 to travel the world with her husband by loaded bicycle.             (21 countries and 30,000 miles), Anne kept travel and sketch journals, posting regular updates on their adventures.

These adventures form the basis of a soon-to-be published (to be released October 2, 2023 – woo-hoo!!) 69,000-word manuscript, “Part-Time Nomads.” https://annembreedlove.com/my-book/

She has also published in International Cycle Hosting, and the Warmshowers newsletter, “Stories from the Road”

From Soggy Campground to Sheltered Shrine

Blueberry Pie

Anne is also the subject of the Warmshowers’ August 22, 2022 podcast, “Bike Life”: 


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